In the Event Solution Center, every next day is the opportunity to be part of exceptional events. Those that surprise, arouse admiration, are easy on the eyes, allow you to enjoy original sounds, and above all, meet the expectations of customers.


Our work often starts at the stage of planning technical solutions for a specific event. Often, the success of the whole event lies in it. We would not be able to do it if it were not for our creative team, as well as the ability to adapt the tools to the needs of a specific recipient. While implementing events using a rich technical base, we also do not forget about the next sphere of activities, and therefore about the rent of equipment we have available.


During the preparation of individual events, we focus primarily on professionalism. This is guaranteed by suitably qualified staff, proven equipment as well as extensive experience of the entire team. A definite advantage of ESC is also the versatility of activities, behind which there is a wealth of technical facilities.



Lighting - if you want to organize an event that will stay in your memory for a long time, you cannot forget about the proper lighting. Its absence will be noticed! We offer modern lighting equipment - our intelligent solutions can illuminate every event.



Sound – „Jak cię widzą, tak cię piszą”, ale i „Jak cię słyszą, tak cię oceniają”. No wonder that the sound system is an integral part of almost every event. With the sound equipment of companies such as JBL Professional, SoundCraft, Yamaha, QSC or dB Technologies, we can hear all the events we create from afar.




Stage constructions - organizers of both intimate and mass events know perfectly well how important stage constructions are in the reception of an event. In order to meet the expectations of our partners, we have expanded the number of structures available for us primarily on the Layher system, supplemented by Alustage lattice and platforms, mobile scenes and many other attested components that we would like to take with us.



Multimedia - they accompany us every day, but more and more often they are present during various kinds of conferences, concerts, fairs, galas or other events. We have expanded our offer with seamless screens, LED screens, projection screens, projectors, multimedia projectors and many other devices thanks to which we can create events and scenography at the highest level.



Furniture and event accessories - they complement our business. For us, every piece of the puzzle creating the event is of great importance, so you can also find sofas in various colors and sizes, classic poufs, LED poufs, chairs, conference chairs, coffee tables, as well as changing rooms, easels, heating plugs and many other useful gadgets.



Event Solution Center are people who, thanks to their experience and open mind, are able to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. How does that happen?


For us, nothing is impossible!