Multimedia helps us create unforgettable experiences. The use of modern technologies is the perfect way to surprise the audience and show that the event in which they participate is at a really high level, and that its organizer is up to date with the current trends. Multimedia allows us to absorb every event with all our senses. The eyes of the people taking part in a given happening are primarily drawn by LED P4 screens available in the Event Solutions Center, seamless screens and monitors as well as up to 80'' TVs. Projections with our participation are in turn a chance to use projection screens and multimedia projectors with brightness starting at 3000 ANSI up. Speaking of multimedia, we cannot forget about the TVone image scales, Blackmagic ATEM 2 4K and ROLAND V-1600 HD mixers, HyperDeck Studio recorders, HD cameras, and signal converters and splitters. We also recommend spatial mapping, which can take the viewers to a completely different dimension.